QBE the Americas, part of Australia-based QBE Insurance group, has formed a new US-based general aviation underwriting operation to expand the aviation activities globally.

Headquartered in Atlanta, QBE the Americas’ Aviation team consists of William McGloin, Roger Ridings, Michael Clark and Russell Walker.

General aviation insurance includes all types of aircraft except for military and major airlines. QBE the Americas’ aviation team will work with personal-use aircraft owners, as well as corporations and airports to provide physical damage, liability and workers’ compensation coverage.

QBE CEO for the America John Rumpler said that The US is the largest market for general aviation in the world.

"We’re pleased to start this operation that will offer a broad range of coverage and bring our company full circle as a true worldwide provider for general aviation insurance services.

"The aviation team that has been created will work in collaboration with QBE Aviation European Operations," Rumpler said.

Already, QBE has aviation insurance operations in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Pacific.

QBE Insurance Group, headquartered in Australia, offers general insurance and reinsurance services. The Americas Division, headquartered in New York, conducts business through various property and casualty insurance subsidiaries in 10 countries. QBE operates out of 49 countries around the globe.