Priority Health has launched the new enhanced Medigap (Medicare Supplement) plans, which according to the company offer more benefits and several are offered at lower premium.

The new enhanced Medigap plans include A, D, F and N, each of them which now covers inpatient respite care and prescription drugs as part of hospice coverage. The individuals who are Medicare-eligible may enroll in any of its Medigap plans.

According to Priority, the best time to enroll in the Medigap plans is during open enrollment period which is a one-time-only six-month period that starts from the first month covered under Medicare Part B. The age limit is 65 or older.

The company said that Medigap plans are designed to help pay health care costs that original medicare doesn’t cover. The individuals who participate in ‘original medicare’ are covered for several hospital and medical expenses but are still responsible for paying deductibles, copays and coinsurance. The new plan help cover these types of expenses.

Kimberly Horn, president and CEO for Priority Health, said: “Priority Health’s Medicare programs are some of the fastest growing plans in the State. The reason is simple, we continue to develop health care options that individuals are looking for while delivering high quality care and service. We are the only plan in Michigan to earn a five-star quality rating for our Medicare Advantage plans from the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid services two years in a row.”