PointSure Insurance Services, a subsidiary of SeaBright Insurance Holdings, has acquired Black/White & Associates of Nevada, Black/White & Associates, and Black/White Rockridge Insurance Services from Black/White Group.

Black/White & Associates of Nevada operates as a managing general agency and wholesale insurance broker, and serve as the principal location. The three acquired Black/White entities provide business owner’s policies, general and auto liability insurance to small commercial clients, general liability programs for middle-market clients, and coverage for select social services organizations.

Black/White & Associates and Black/White Rockridge Insurance Services will continue to function in support of the Nevada operation. Founder, Euclid Black, will remain involved as an advisor to PointSure.

Craig Pankow, president of PointSure Insurance Services, said: This acquisition matches up extraordinarily well with PointSure’s current operations and gives us a stronger platform for our ongoing national expansion efforts.

Mr Black added: We are excited to join with PointSure to provide our producers the best that both of these organizations have to offer. We anticipate that our agents and customers will experience ‘business as usual’ in the near term, and will soon enjoy the additional markets and enhanced service capabilities PointSure brings to the table.