The National Association of Professional Insurance Agents (PIA National) in association with MobileSecure has rolled out the latter's Data Protective Services program for insurance agents from coast-to-coast.

The company said that the program is an expansion of the previously released Laptop Protective Services, to respond to requests from member agencies to provide coverage for both desktop and laptop computers.

Leonard Brevik, executive vice president and CEO of PIA National, said: Agencies across the country are concerned about the risk of their customer data being compromised and the potential impact of data privacy laws that are now in place in 45 states. It is important for PIA to provide its members with access to solutions that help members to deal with data compliance issues related to customer data on their desktop and laptop computers.

Alexi Papandon, assistant vice president of communications at PIA National, said: It is important that PIA members and other agents have the tools to audit, monitor and enforce their security policies. We listened to our members’ requests and have worked with our partner MobileSecure to offer an integrated solution for our members’ desktop and laptop computers. PIA strongly encourages its members to review their data security plans and, if their agency uses desktop and laptop computers, to consider implementing DPS as one risk mitigation tool.

Duncan Mackay, president and CEO of MobileSecure, said: Using DPS, you can be prepared for an incident or an audit. Companies can immediately ascertain what customer or other confidential data might have been exposed and can use the file audit reports generated by DPS at the time of the data breach incident or the request by a customer to validate that their data has not been compromised.

Apart from taking action after a security event, by tracking what files are on each computer DPS enables companies to understand the potential exposure ahead of time and to take appropriate action to protect itself and the company’s clients.