Pacific Life Insurance company has appointed Mary Ann Brown as new executive vice president of corporate development effective from April 1, 2010. In her new role, she will be responsible for overseeing the Pacific Select Funds and Pacific Life Funds as CEO of those entities.

The company has also appointed Tom Gibbons as new senior vice president of corporate tax; Denis Kalscheur as senior vice president and treasurer; Philip Teeter as senior vice president of technology and operations, annuities & mutual funds division.

In addition, Dawn Trautman as senior vice president of information technology and strategic planning, life insurance division; Gregory Keeling as vice president of finance, annuities & mutual funds division; and Katharine Brandt Young as vice president of valuation and risk management, life insurance division.

Ms Brown joined Pacific Life in 2005 as senior vice president of finance and product development in the life insurance division before moving to oversee corporate development in 2006.

In her new, Ms Brown will assume management of corporate technology area and will support risk management initiatives in annuities and mutual funds division. She will maintain her responsibilities for business development unit, information technology services, and for Pacific Life Re, based in London.