Outline Systems, a provider of software and services to the insurance industry, announced that it has successfully deployed ProducerOne, its distribution-management system, as a cloud-based service to three of its customers over the past year.

Utilizing the technology of a leading cloud provider, Outline Systems has proven its ability to effectively deliver its software products on a platform that is of increasing strategic importance to the insurance industry.

"These three companies selected the cloud version of ProducerOne because they recognized the value it offered them over the traditional in-house model of ‘install and maintain,’" said Prasad Boppana, CEO of Outline Systems.

"They were able to implement the system and realize its benefits more quickly, and they’re able to better utilize their own internal resources, now and in the future. Enhancements are available as they are released and support is available 24/7 without impacting their own IT or other personnel. In the long run, the cost savings and economies of scale are significant, which is why we’re seeing greater demand for cloud-based implementations among our customers and prospects."

"Cloud based deployments are increasingly being utilized by carriers for both core and non-core applications," said Karlyn Carnahan, Research Director at Celent. "Carriers are using cloud deployments to reduce costs, but more importantly to focus their scarce IT resources on building strategic capabilities rather than on managing infrastructure."

The cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) deployment of ProducerOne dramatically reduces the time and cost to implement the system. The subscription model eliminates the initial cost of traditional license fees, lowers TCO, and improves ROI.

The underlying architecture is incrementally scalable for storage and processing power, without a capital outlay for hardware and peripherals. ProducerOne on the Cloud provides all these benefits plus the agility to grow the business in response to market opportunities.

Founded in 2003, Outline Systems is a software-development, IT-services, and consulting company with experience in application management, data center efficiency, and enterprise security.

Dedicated to the insurance industry, Outline Systems’ domain experts, combined with its comprehensively functional products, deliver demonstrable value to its customers. And Outline Systems’ client-centric approach, its commitment to service, and its mature global delivery model enable its customers to realize operational efficiency, reduced costs, reduced time to market, and competitive advantage.