To gain real-time visibility into its billing transactions and reduce costs

The National Farmers Union Mutual Insurance Society has selected Guidewire BillingCenter, developed by Guidewire Software, as its new billing system.

BillingCenter will streamline National Farmers Union Mutual Insurance Society’s (NFU Mutual) premium billing and collection processes currently operated by its agents, replacing it with an integrated system. BillingCenter¬†is expected to¬†replace NFU Mutual’s existing network of systems with a web-based single-system.

Guidewire has said that BillingCenter will enable NFU Mutual to gain real-time visibility into its billing transactions and operations; reduce costs associated with maintaining multiple systems; provide agents with a system that reduces mundane manual processes; and broaden customer service capabilities for customers and agents.

BillingCenter will be used across all of NFU Mutual’s lines of property and casualty (general) commercial and personal business. These agents will have direct access into BillingCenter, streamlining the payment collection process, reducing manual activities, and simplifying premium reconciliation.

Chris Maddox, general manager of Guidewire Software UK, said: NFU Mutual has a strong sense for how they want to run their business. Guidewire gladly accepts the challenge of making our first BillingCenter implementation in the UK a resounding success.