New suit is expected to reduce the burden on managers and help improve time-to-productivity

Navagate, a provider of enterprise class distribution optimization suit for financial services companies, has released its Recruiting and Onboarding Solutions. The solution would provide sales managers with a streamlined approach to quickly hire qualified candidates and enabling them to become productive faster, said the company.

This suit is expected to provide an automated set of workflows and real-time views that can be tailored to meet the specific business needs.

According to Wayne Kaplan, President of Navagate, recruiting and onboarding suit can make the difference in companies that want to reduce the burden on managers while implementing consistent approaches and improving time-to-productivity and retention of new hires.

He said: “Our Recruiting and Onboarding Solutions enable new hires to quickly become productive employees by providing a foundation that supports knowledge sharing, mentoring, efficiency, and effectiveness. By employing automation, you can broadly influence how much time is available to spend on high value activities such as selling.”