National Planning Holdings (NPH), a broker-dealer network, has introduced WealthOne, a web-based advisory platform that offers an array of investment strategies and products from global money managers.

NPH has said that the WealthOne platform is available for all its affiliated advisors, and it features three distinct solutions for managing client assets, all on one consolidated platform.

According to the NPH, the component of NPH’s new WealthOne suite, Strategist Solutions, gives financial professionals access to strategic and tactical investment approaches from some of the well-respected asset managers in the industry.

NPH has contracted with Vanguard, JP Morgan, UBS, Standard & Poor’s, Russell Investments, Lazard, Avatar Associates and Loring Ward.

WealthOne also features NPH’s new Advisory Portal, which delivers convenience and flexibility by enabling advisors to access the platform directly from their broker-dealer’s website.

Moreover, the Advisory Portal gives representatives single-click access to WealthOne’s other two components, Advisor Solutions and Custom Style Portfolio Solutions. With Advisor Solutions, advisors who act as asset managers can build and maintain model portfolios by creating their own custom asset allocations.

WealthOne’s Custom Style Portfolio Solutions are actively managed separate accounts from Curian Capital, that offer customization, including the ability to select among a range of investment approaches and asset classes.

Jim Livingston, president and CEO of National Planning Holdings, said: “With WealthOne, NPH is capturing the industry trend toward fee-based business and establishing the network as a premier partner for advisors who are adopting an advisory model.

”We expect the platform to be an important recruiting tool for NPH, given the quality of the strategists available and the consolidated nature of the platform. WealthOne is a prime example of NPH’s continued commitment to helping advisors service clients effectively while maximizing the efficiency of their practices.”

David Pologe, executive director and national sales manager, financial institutions group at UBS Global Asset Management, said: We are very pleased to participate in NPH’s WealthOne Advisory platform. ‘We believe one of the program’s major benefits is that it provides financial advisors with an efficient way to access our asset allocation advice.

Also, it gives advisors the ability to mix and match our expertise with that of other asset managers. This benefits us, as well as advisors and their clients. And, quite frankly, the technology is very impressive.”

Rob Dearman, senior vice president of advisory services for NPH, said: “WealthOne is fully integrated with our existing back- and front-office systems, which creates a seamless operating environment that is highly flexible and entirely paper-free.”