UK-based car insurer More Than has launched More Than Women Drivers' Insurance, a new car insurance offering focused on meeting the needs of female motorists.

The offering called More Than Women Drivers’ Insurance aims to confront the aspects of driving which women find most stressful by offering a number of features such as mobile phone locator, priority roadside assistance and a replacement vehicle within two hours.

Other benefits include female friendly repairers, GBP300 of handbag cover, as well as child car seat replacement following an accident.

Jane Foster, product manager for More Than Women Drivers’ Insurance, said: We’ve extensively researched the needs of female drivers and found that women’s main concerns when thinking about car insurance are their safety, and that of their children, in the event of an accident or breakdown. As a result, More Than Women Drivers’ Insurance has addressed these worries with above and beyond roadside recovery that sees female friendly agents kitted with mobile phone locators and onboard child entertainment.