New research from has revealed that over 11 million British motorists would make a fraudulent claim to avoid jeopardizing their insurance claim.

Research among motorists has found that millions of drivers would flout the law to ensure their payout.

The survey asked motorists what they would do if they had failed to secure their car properly and it was stolen. Just over a third (36%) said that they would tell their insurer the truth, but another one in three (33%) would keep it from their insurer. However, 31% of motorists would be found sitting on the fence, not knowing if they would come clean.

The research found men are more likely to cover up, with 39% reluctant to own up to their carelessness compared to 26% of women.

Richard Mason, director of insurance at, said: It seems many British motorists are ready to cover up their own carelessness, which could have led to the claim for the stolen car in the first place.

I urge all drivers to tell the full truth, but even more importantly, secure their cars. Providers may well refuse to cover you in the future, if you are found out, scuppering your chances of driving altogether.