?Mitchell has released medical bill review and workflow solution, Decision Point7.2, to provide superior medical billing claims capability for 1st and 3rd party liability claims handlers.

The new release has been designed based on Agile Development principles emphasising rapid time-to-market and client-driven feature development.

Mitchell Auto Casualty Solutions executive vice president and general manager Dave Torrence said: "DecisionPoint 7.2 represents a significant change in our development methodologies that will deliver better outcomes, by simplifying and accelerating medical bill claim handling."

Decision Point 7.2 uses pharmacy data using web services to enable clients to leverage Medi-Span and Redbook as their preferred drug pricing indices.

Torrence said that the latest release can be integrated with Mitchell NHQ Negotiation Services to provide extra benefit of access to negotiated out-of-network payment services.

The Mitchell NHQ Negotiation Services component enables clients to access broad array of negotiation services with approximately 50-70% of medical charges that are generated by providers who are not currently part of a provider network.

Using the new release, the Injury claims professionals can deliver medical care in most cost-effective manner while enablig maximum policy benefit for injured parties.

Mitchell automated medical bill review will be made available in Hawaii in conjunction with delivery of the Hawaii PIP Fee Schedule as a part of expansion.