Utah-based MGIS Companies (MGIS) has appointed Mark Dayton as vice president of marketing.

In his new role, Dayton will manage MGIS and its subsidiary companies’ as head of strategic marketing and communications activities.

The MGIS Companies president Jeff Brunken said that the company’s growth path required a significant expansion of the role and level of sophistication of its marketing strategy and execution.

Prior to joining MGIS Companies, Dayton served at Best Practices as CEO and founder.

He also served The Forum on Personalized Healthcare, a DNA-based healthcare diagnostic and treatment industry as assistant executive director and worked in healthcare and technology marketing and consulting agencies.

Dayton is also an early pioneer in the development of ambulatory EHR software for use on mobile handheld devices and has served executive marketing positions experience in 3Com, Novell and Key Labs.

Additionally, Dayton served a New York City-based strategic PR and marketing agency, Coltrin & Associates as vice president.