Metromile, a pioneer in pay-per-mile car insurance in the United States, set out to disrupt the stagnant auto insurance industry and uncovered an opportunity for a new type of insurance: walking insurance.

The company announced today a first-of-its-kind insurance for people who walk a lot. Research has shown that Metromile’s signature pay-per-mile car insurance offering has customers ditching their cars, many for their own two feet, which has made pay-per-step walking insurance a necessity.

"Metromile has been reinventing insurance with our pay-per-mile car insurance model, and it is incredible to think that through this reinvention we have created demand for a whole new category of insurance!" said Raquel Rozas, Head of Brand at Metromile.

"Other insurance agencies are focusing on rideshare and self-driving car technology, but we’ve discovered a bright future in walking insurance. It’s time to toss your pedometers, and experience the only smart walking insurance on the market today."

Metromile pay-per-step insurance functions through its new smart walking app: the Metromile Pace. Users will also be able to view their bill based on number of steps taken in real time. Several factors will be considered when creating the customer’s unique per-step rate, including broken bone history, clumsiness score and type of walking shoes.

Customers who sign up for the Metromile Pace will be covered in the event of:

Being caught in an unexpected rainstorm

Losing footing, tripping or falling

Worn out socks and shoes

Emergency walk-side assistance

And more!

The new "Walk Much?" Alert gauges fall severity based on impact and alerts emergency operators to get assistance to the customer immediately. Metromile is offering a safe-walker discount for walkers who commit to not walk-and-text, use the handrail when available, and follow the safe route recommended by their Metromile Pace. There is also a bonus offer for adding a foot care package to your walking insurance, which includes a monthly pedicure and new pair of socks.

"Customers will enjoy the same fluid interface and modern design as the Metromile app, but with some unique touches. Users will see increased benefits with the walking insurance feature, including tracking number of steps, miles logged, shoe health and more, through the cutting edge technology of the Metromile Pace," said Matt Stein, Director of Product Design.

The inspiration for Metromile Pace comes straight from Metromile customers, who appreciate the smart technology offerings they have access to with their car insurance.

As more customers have opted to walk instead of drive, requests for an insurance to protect them from the inevitable dangers they face on foot, such as getting caught in the rain or tripping on a curb, came flowing in. Warmer weather and shorter winters along with a greater awareness of health benefits may also be encouraging people to walk more.