Covers savings and investment during working years

MetLife has unveiled its retirewise program to help employees answer the questions about retirement include American Airlines, Ogilvy & Mather, Raytheon, Sephora, Textron, Univision, and St. John’s Health System.

The company claims that retirewise is a two-hour proprietary seminar that provides a view of retirement. The program covers savings and investment during the working years and making employer and government benefits part of the planning process.

The critical need to create an income plan for the retirement years is also addressed. The dialogue enables participants to identify what a satisfying and meaningful retirement means to them and how to work toward achieving it.

The retirewise first seminar helps employees to envision their retirement and how they’ll finance it by reviewing basic money principles and their relevance in retirement. The second seminar focuses on ways to create and protect wealth and introduces employees to the retirement income planning process. In the third seminar employees learn strategies for structuring a retirement income stream and protecting against unplanned expenses.

At the conclusion of the seminar series, participants can choose to take advantage of an optional and complimentary face-to-face consultation with a MetLife representative.

Mike Vietri, executive vice president of US Business for MetLife, said: “The current economic environment has dramatically changed how employees will need to plan for retirement. This program gives employees the necessary tools and guidance to start planning a secure retirement, at no cost to either the employer or employee.