MetLife Auto & Home has rolled out Combo and GrandProtect, two bundled policies designed to offer the ability to combine auto and home coverages into one convenient package.

The US-based insurer believes that the availability of these bundled policies in its mass marketed program will offer employers with new ways to expand their benefit offerings and deliver employees with simple service and savings.

Commenting on the launch of the united insurance offering, MetLife Auto & Home senior vice president Kishore Ponnavolu said: "Our customers have told us they want quality and convenience when it comes to their auto and home policies."

"The Combo and GrandProtect products offer simplicity, convenience and value by packaging auto and homeowners insurance, while catering to individual insurance needs," Ponnavolu added.

Majority of MetLife customers, nearly 60% prefer one bill for their account, and approximately 70% of consumers currently have their auto and home coverage with the same company, according to MetLife Auto & Home research.

The underwriter said by packaging policies, customers can get rid of multiple bills and insurance forms, and enjoy the benefits of one common effective date, deductible, payroll deduction and policy portability.

Further, they can also avail various types of discounts, including a multi-policy discount, payroll and Deductible Savings Benefit.

GrandProtect has been designed for customers with higher value assets and more demanding insurance needs, including primary and secondary homes; recreational vehicles; boats; and personal property.

Using the latest Combo and GrandProtect, the policy holders can pack up to 11 different MetLife Auto & Home policies into one package and through their employer are able to save through payroll deductions.