Cambodia Mekong Bank and American Express have launched a gold card for the Cambodian market.

The two companies have signed an independent operator agreement, under which Mekong Bank will issue American Express cards. These new credit cards will be issued in US dollars and will carry Mekong Bank’s name.

Under the agreement, Mekong Bank will be responsible for all operations in support of the new credit cards, including customer service, marketing, billing and accounting, credit management and charge authorizations. In addition, Mekong Bank will be responsible for providing services to local merchants accepting American Express cards and for signing up new merchant partners in Cambodia for the American Express card.

According to the agreement, the new card will be accepted on the American Express global merchant network and card members will enjoy the customary list of services, including 24 hour customer service, emergency support while traveling abroad and access to more than 550,000 ATMs worldwide.