To offer risk services to all fleet clients

Marsh, an insurance broker and risk advisor, and GreenRoad, a firm that helps in improving driving behavior, have collaborated so that Marsh US brokerage clients will be able to obtain services from GreenRoad.

GreenRoad provides a technology-based service in the form of in-vehicle driver feedback, designed to reduce fleet risk by changing driving behavior. It combines safety, risk visibility, functionality, and coaching.

GreenRoad’s service continuously rates driving skills and enables drivers and fleet managers to identify and address risky driving behavior.

The company claims that risk management professionals gain better visibility into risk and safety levels using its online reporting tools. They can review detailed reports by fleet, driver, department, maneuver type, trip, and other variables to identify high-risk areas and develop focused and effective risk management strategies at the driver, fleet or organisational levels.

Eric Shishko, senior vice president, Global Insurance at GreenRoad, said: “With this announcement Marsh is building on its solid reputation for providing its clients with the industry’s leading risk management services. We already have a number of joint clients in the U.S. and with this new agreement a broader community of Marsh clients will now be able to take advantage of our fleet safety service at favorable rates.”