Mainstay Insurance Group and Liberty International Underwriters (LIU), a division of Liberty Mutual Group, has launched a new 'green' program that offers a form general liability product for mid-size real estate properties.

According to Mainstay, the new primary program targets a variety of real estate classes including apartments, condominiums and also office, retail and light industrial buildings. The primary program offers specialty green coverage enhancements for indoor environment and adverse publicity exposure.

The company said that indoor environment endorsement can cover bodily injury claims resulting from specialized air and water quality equipment and products. The adverse publicity exposure endorsement can provide crisis planning, management and consulting when a green building incurs bad publicity due to a construction defect.

In addition, the program also includes a real estate and property managers’ endorsement that modifies and enhances 21 areas of commercial general liability (CGL) coverage. The program combines coverages in one form, eliminating need to research multiple enhanced general liability coverage options.

The program’s general liability coverage will eventually be available in all 50 states. While the primary program is for mid-size risks with premiums between $2,500 and $30,000, large schedules are also eligible for AGPOM membership and will continue to be handled by LIU’s branch offices.

Dusty Rowland, president of Mainstay, said: “The Association of Green Property Owners and Managers (AGPOM) offers members a variety of benefits that help leverage the financial and reputational benefits of the Green Movement. The combination of this new GL facility paired with the benefits of AGPOM will provide our retail broker customers with a truly unique business solution for their real estate clients.”