To oversee the business operations

Lombard Canada has named Fabian Richenberger to assume the position of President of Lombard Canada, effective January 1, 2010 in place of Rick Patina who will retire as head of the company at the end of the year.

Mr Fabian joined the parent company of Lombard Canada, Northbridge Financial Corporation in May 2009 and currently leads the distribution management function for the Northbridge Group of Companies.

Prior to joining Northbridge, he held senior executive positions, including chief underwriting officer, chief marketing and sales officer and head of planning and operational management with Zurich Financial Services in Canada, the US and Europe.

Mark Ram, president and CEO of Northbridge Financial Corporation and chairman of the board of Lombard Canada, said: Fabian has proven himself to be an engaged, thoughtful and results-oriented leader and I am delighted that he is taking over the leadership of Lombard Canada. Under Fabian’s leadership, Lombard Canada will continue its strong tradition of developing innovative and progressive solutions for its customers and key distribution partners that will be the core of our future success.