To assist in creating health awareness within the organisations

Lockton Benefit Group, the health and welfare benefits consulting arm of Lockton Companies, has unveiled employer health cost reduction initiatives through health risk management in partnership with US-based healthcare company Concentra.

Lockton has named Concentra as a services provider to support Lockton’s clients with

Health promotion, Wellness programming, On-site clinics, Flu vaccinations, Biometric screenings and Health risk assessments.

With a working relationship spanning a decade, Lockton and Concentra have developed and deployed customised solutions for clients that provide quality healthcare for clients while seeking to lower their overall healthcare expense.

Hayley Hines, CWPD, director of health risk management for Lockton Dunning Benefits in Dallas, Texas, said: We are finding our clients are particularly impressed with Concentra’s on-site health specialist model to assist in creating a culture of health within their organizations.”

Concentra offers worksite clinic solutions that allow employers to provide convenient, efficient healthcare services to employees. Concentra also specialises in on-site health events, such as flu vaccinations and wellness screenings, including health risk assessments and biometric screenings. The collaboration between Lockton and Concentra allows Lockton’s clients access to the suite of services provided by Concentra.