KMC On Demand has introduced the Compliance Genie, a new tool to help insurers and claim administrators track the status of continuing education (CE) credits and state licensing for their adjusters.

According to KMC, the Compliance Genie solution integrates centralized online licensing and CE database with an advanced enterprise application to deliver, track and report CE credits in all the US states.

The new solution provides up-to-date notification, tracking and reporting of compliance requirements and claims courses that upgrade adjuster knowledge while keeping them compliant with state regulations.

In addition, the new solution also keeps track of license renewals in non-CE states and will remind a user via email when a renewal is due.

The company said that once a learner accesses KMC On Demand account, completes a course and applies for CE credits, the new solution will validate learner’s home state and CE reciprocity with other states; confirm application for CE credits; manage CE process; and confirm approval of CE credits and create a certificate of completion.

Colm Keenan, vice president of knowledge management at KMC, said: “The compliance genie will handle the complex process of ensuring compliance with multiple state requirements for the insurance provider, while providing the claims adjuster a convenient system to keep track of CE credits to remain current with his or her license.”