Keystone Legal has introduced personal injury legal insurance cover, aimed to address the requirements of claimants before the implementation of the Legal Aid Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders (LASPO) Act.

Offering a basic level of indemnity for a £1 inception premium which is payable on case conclusion, the after-the-event (ATE) insurance cover renewal product has been designed for personal injury cases insurer with other legal insurers that run out of cover, as reported by Postonline news.

Following a successful claim and as per LASPO, ATE premiums cannot be recovered from the losing defendant.

Keystone Legal chairman Anthony Mowatt said the product aims to address "the unintended consequences" of civil litigation reforms, instead of undermine them.

"It is unfair that even a modest proportion of existing claimants with a claim open before 1 April should be exposed to significantly increased ATE premiums post-Jackson," Mowatt added.