Janus Capital Group has introduced a new portfolio, Janus Aspen Protected Series – Growth, intended to balance potential capital appreciation with a capital protection.

BNP Paribas will provide capital protection for the Janus Aspen Protected Series – Growth which is managed by Janus Capital Management Co-Chief Investment Officer, Equities manager Jonathan Coleman.

Financial institutions vice president and managing director Chris Furman said that the insurance partners were seeking risk-managed investment solutions to lessen the burden of capital requirements.

Janus Aspen Protected Series — Growth assigns its assets within domestic large cap equities, cash and cash equivalents, US.
The product also provides a protected NAV of no less than 80% of the highest NAV ever achieved by each individual share class of the portfolio for the investors.

Janus Capital Group has launched Janus Aspen Moderate Allocation Portfolio in 2011 as part of a longer-term product development strategy to meet the Janus clients’ actuarial risk-management requirements.