Jackson National Life Insurance has introduced a new Portfolio Construction Tool, an interactive online solution that helps advisers build customized investment portfolios based on the individual needs and objectives of their clients.

The Portfolio Construction Tool help advisers in leveraging the freedom of investment selections within its variable annuity offering by helping them select the mix of subaccount options that best meet their clients’ retirement income needs.

Jackson said that the tool will aid advisers in the process of researching and selecting investment options for each client’s portfolio by aggregating historical performance information, subaccount analytics and educational materials, all on one platform.

With the new tool, advisers can also save and edit individual proposals, as well as create templates for future use.

Once a customized proposal is completed, the Portfolio Construction Tool generates a summary report for advisers to review with their clients.

Jackson also introduced the Living Benefits Selection Center, which enables advisers to quickly and easily identify the living benefit option(s) most closely aligned with the personal retirement income objectives of their client.

Jackson senior vice president of marketing Daniel Starishevsky said the Portfolio Construction Tool is an extension of this philosophy, which ultimately gives advisers the knowledge they need to fully utilize the investment freedom Jackson offers on behalf of their clients.