Enterprise software provider ISIS Papyrus Software, a finalist in the 2015 ACORD Insurance Innovation Challenge, has implemented the ACORD Information Model in a new solution to significantly reduce the time and cost for a new generation of insurance applications

Developed on the Papyrus Platform, the new ACORD-based solution integrates seamlessly the solution frameworks for Adaptive Case Management (ACM), Mobile, Customer Communication Management (CCM) and Capture, to ensure a comprehensive and cohesive foundation for business application development across systems, departments and business objectives.

The ACORD Information Model is part of the ACORD Reference Architecture which is a series of five interrelated industry models, or facets, that use different views to define the nature of the insurance industry.

"With this new ACM-driven approach, we can drive a new generation of insurance applications with a model that is 100 percent open and flexible to integrate, update and extend based on your organization’s priorities, for your unique needs and in your specific environment," said Annemarie Pucher, CEO of ISIS Papyrus.

Key advantages of the ACORD-based solution on ACM include:

Rapid implementation & customization

Business empowerment – updates & changes without IT

Single view of the customer – activity, documents and status

Omni-channel communication (inbound and outbound)

Operational transparency – compliance, reporting, optimization

Built-in change management

The ACORD-based solution will be available free-of-charge to worldwide ACORD members as a powerful accelerator for rapidly developing business event-driven and goal-oriented insurance applications on top of the Papyrus Platform. Ongoing cooperation with ACORD will build upon this offering to facilitate the advancement of insurance business applications across the industry and demonstrate the potential of open platform architectures to speed operational transformation.

"We’re pleased to see accelerators built using the ACORD Reference Architecture, and to provide a platform for it to be presented to the public," said Shane McCullough, Chief Enterprise Architect for ACORD. "