Innovation Group has introduced new component of the Innovation Insurer suite, Insurer Configurator, which enables insurers to create, maintain, support and control the deployment of configuration information using its suite of programmes and services.

Innovation Group CEO Andy Roberts said Insurer Configurator is a critical component of the Innovation Insurer suite, breaking legacy history with a robust, ‘built for change’ set of tools that will enable agility and flexibility across a wide array of areas, shifting control and work from IT to the business and providing robust configuration to eliminate the need for customization.

"Insurer Configurator is a key element in our ‘Rule of One’ design, providing a single data model, rules engine, process engine and configuration toolset. More importantly, it will help facilitate transition from older versions of Insurer while providing immediate business value," Roberts added.

"With this launch, we are adding a new component to the Innovation Insurer suite, where each of the components, Insurer Policy, Insurer Claims and Insurer Analytics, were recognized in 2011 with the XCelent, RAVE, VIP and Celent Model Insurer awards, highlighting their business value."

Insurer Configurator also features compliance and risk management, business agility, work-package management and release management.

The new Insurer suite features backward compatible which provides decoupling of business logic from insurance applications hence reducing deployment time.