The Ingle Group of Companies announces the opening of its new office in São Paulo, Brazil, an addition to Ingle's business initiatives in Santiago de Chile and Buenos Aires. Offices in Latin America add to Ingle International's existing operations across Canada, the USA, Mexico, the UK, France, Germany, and Malta, demonstrating the company's focus on these key global markets.

Ingle International has been providing customized insurance solutions to international students, travellers, and expatriates worldwide since 1946. The company’s recent commitment to Latin America comes at a time when this region is demonstrating an increased business and consumer need for Ingle’s products, services, technology, capabilities, and expert knowledge.

"Brazil has a rapidly growing economy, and we see the importance of focusing our efforts in this area of the world," says Business Development Manager ( Brazil ), Daniela Barakat. Born in Brazil, Barakat completed her education in Business and Marketing in São Paulo, and has strong ties to Canada . Her international experience gives her a deeper understanding of the needs of travellers from this country and businesses within it.

"In the last couple of decades, Brazil has experienced economic and social changes that translate into having a stronger and larger middle class today," explains Barakat. "Brazilians are itching to travel and to learn, and Canada is their number one destination. With more choices at their fingertips, and with programs such as Science without Borders, Brazil is one of the leaders in education and travel in the hemisphere. Ingle International recognizes the strength the country has in these different industries, and sees the potential of providing Brazilians with choices that meet their travel needs by offering our high-quality assistance and travel insurance."

Ingle’s Brazilian operations will initially focus on its international student business, where strengthening local strategic partnerships is seen as the key to developing new business. "Schools and universities have different needs than businesses or other organizations. Having Ingle offices in a student’s home country and in the country where they choose to pursue their overseas studies is a real advantage," says Robin Ingle , Chairman of Ingle International. "We are responding to local needs by choosing to work with local partners and governments around the world."

Through its associated travel assistance company Intrepid 24/7, Ingle International will also focus on expanding its medical provider networks in the region, resulting in improved emergency and security assistance services for international travellers in Latin America. Intrepid 24/7 represents many global insurance and assistance companies, assisting travellers worldwide.