Bill Lowe to continue as interim CEO until mid-January

ING has appointed Lynne Ford as the CEO of ING Financial Solutions, the company’s transformed annuity and rollover business.

Ford will report to Rob Leary, CEO of ING Insurance US. Bill Lowe will continue as interim CEO until mid-January, and he will lead the marketing, sales and an expanded distribution function within the business.

Ms Ford currently serves as executive vice president and managing director of the Retail Retirement Group at Wells Fargo. In her recent role, she was responsible for the annuity and IRA products distributed across Wells Fargo. She was also responsible for the company’s overall Retail Retirement strategy and branding as the company aimed to capitalize on the retirement market opportunity.

Prior to that role, Ms Ford also served as senior vice president and director of sales initiatives for Evergreen Investments from 1997-2003, and a variety of sales capacities including national sales manager within Evergreen Investments from 1993-1997.

Ford, said: I’m excited to be joining ING, which has a tremendous reputation for innovative retirement income products and strong distribution capabilities. We’re at a historical junction in terms of retirement in America. The next decade will bring an unprecedented wave of new retirees, and with it will come a flood of new products and approaches to the market. Financial services companies that can truly innovate and provide a customer-oriented approach will be the ones that thrive in this new environment.”