As more independent exterminators enter the Pest Control industry, USA Business Insurance announces that general liability insurance specific to the service area is available to both sole proprietors and corporations.

While the nation suffered through a recession, many workers in the pest control and exterminating service industries were laid off. Some of these individuals began their own sole proprietor companies to continue in their chosen profession. General liability insurance that is specific to this industry is available with the same benefits whether the company has one employee or one hundred.

While the moniker is for pest control and exterminating, the broad coverage definition also covers those involved in wildlife removal services which can include raccoons, squirrels, bats, rats, possums and other nuisance and potentially harmful species. It can include individuals and companies involved in using herbicides and insecticides and also those that deal in termite control and inspection.

Businesses are usually aware that general liability insurance will cover them if a customer or visitor falls and sustains an injury while at the office or workshop. However, this protection is also extended for injuries on the worksite. A hose, tank or other piece of equipment may be very close to the professional who is using it; however, a customer may trip and fall on his own property. General liability insurance will cover the legal and medical fees in these instances as well.

It will also cover any damages to a customer’s property that may be caused by treating for termites, catching wildlife or if a chemical used on the interior causes damage to flooring, carpeting or walls.

A very important aspect of this specialized insurance is that it protects the pest control service from damages or illnesses suffered by a customer even if the product used was purchased from a third party. The U.S. has evolved into a more eco-friendly nation. Chemicals are advertised with claims that they will not harm humans or pets. Even with this advertising, sometimes a customer’s family or pet will have an adverse reaction to the chemical the agent used. General liability insurance will release the policy holder of financial responsibility and will cover the medical and legal fees in these cases. It will even pay the legal fees if the Pest Control Operator is found to have no fault in the case.