IHC Health Solutions, along with Ebix, has introduced a new technology platform EbixEnterprise, which is designed to provide full spectrum of health products on private and public exchanges.

The new system includes several Ebix products that connect multiple insurance constituents, including consumers, health providers, risk takers, distributors and administrators.

IHC Health Solutions president Pete Wirski said: "Given IHC’s strong background in administering individual and group major medical products for numerous carriers, this new, fully-integrated platform further enhances our capabilities to manage a diverse portfolio of health insurance products in multiple health care markets on both public and private exchanges."

EbixEnterprise incorporates tools and services, including customer relations management (CRM), insurance shopping, enrollment, fulfillment, billing/collecting, policy administration, claims payment and distribution compensation.

It will also integrate document management, audit, workflow, and full accounting, in addition to providing reporting and business intelligence through web portals, self-service capabilities and a data warehouse.

Ebix Health senior vice-president said Jim Senge said: "The EbixEnterprise technology platform addresses the emerging health insurance market needs in the post health care reform industry."