Heffernan Insurance Brokers has launched a new website 'Heffins.com' and digital marketing campaign to serve clients in all 50 US states.

According to Heffernan, the new website features a ‘Virtual Insurance Office’ and ‘Virtual Insurance Agent’. It is divided into several categories including large commercial, small commercial, employee benefits, and others.

In addition, the new site also features Heffernan Financial Services with a focus on 401k/retirement plans, individual wealth management, financial planning, and life insurance.

The company said that to help with digital makeover, it has partnered with Astonish Results, a digital marketing and training company for insurance industry, to create an efficient online presence. The Astonish Results insurance marketing system will help its find and keep new customers using an assortment of web-based tools.

Headquartered in Walnut Creek, California, Heffernan Insurance Brokers, is an independent insurance brokerage firm in the US. It provides efficient insurance and financial services products to a range of businesses and individuals.