HealthPartners providers has launched a new web tool to receive payment estimate over the internet.

According to the company, the new web tool calculates a real-time claim payment estimation based on the actual information available in the HealthPartners claims adjudication system.

Because it calculates member coverage and provider reimbursement in one integrated solution, the HealthPartners tool provides a level of accuracy beyond that of other estimation tools, claims the company.

The new tool features professional medical claim estimation for a CMS 1500 claim; dental claim estimation (ADA Dental Claim); summary of claim estimation results including member liability; and capabilities to print estimate summary.

Katie Sayre, senior vice president of health plan operations at HealthPartners, said: We are pleased to offer this new innovative tool to provide medical and dental clinics with more accurate, precise information to assist their patients.

Charles Abrahamson, vice president of network management and provider relations, said: “We know our members, purchasers and providers want more transparency, and this tool offers that providers will also appreciate it because it helps decrease their accounts receivables and manage their bad debt.”