HDFC Life, India's life insurance company in online term space has launched Click2Protect Plus, a traditional, non-participating pure term insurance plan.

The plan is an extension of HDFC Life’s flagship plan Click2Protect and comes with additional benefits and multiple options to choose from.

A pure protection plan, Click2Protect Plus is a simple way to get comprehensive protection at an affordable price to protect your loved ones against the uncertainties of life.

Commenting on the launch, Sanjay Tripathy, Senior EVP – Marketing, Product, Digital & E-Commerce, HDFC Life said," Against the backdrop of the huge success of our online term plan Click2Protect, the leading product in protection category in the market, we felt the need to offer a more comprehensive protection plan. HDFC Life Click2Protect has insured over 1.6 lakh lives during a period of over two years.

Based on our research and analysis and the experience of selling Click2Protect, we realized that the customer’s purchase behavior in India has evolved drastically in a short span of time. The success of Click2Protect can be attributed to its competitive pricing, simple process and convenience in buying, enabling customers to make more informed choice since the customer makes an independent decision and faster turnaround time.

Having said that, we felt the need to offer a more comprehensive plan in order to offer greater choice and benefit to the customers. We also realized that we are not reaching out to a vast segment of population which is not internet savvy. To address these two concerns, we have launched Click2protect Plus which is available through all sales channels. We sincerely believe that this extensive plan will reach out to a much larger population that is seeking life insurance protection and help increase penetration of insurance which has always been a roadblock in attaining financial freedom."

The plan will offer protection to customers at a very affordable price. The plan has many unique features such as the option to the customer to increase his Life Cover at key milestones during his lifetime.

It also provides him with an option to secure his family’s expenses by way of Monthly Income under Income & Income Plus Option along with lump sum payment at the time of the claim based on his needs.