Formerly known as the Amigo Short Term Medical Plan

HCC Life Insurance Company (HCC Life), a wholly-owned subsidiary of HCC Insurance Holding, has renamed its short term medical insurance product, Amigo Short Term Medical Plan to HCC Life Short Term Medical (STM).

Formerly known as the Amigo Short Term Medical Plan, the product is designed to provide healthcare coverage for individuals and families in need of medical insurance on a short-term basis.

The company said that HCC Life STM is available in 38 US states and the District of Columbia, and features the choice of deductible, co-insurance, and length of coverage needed. HCC Life STM policy is made available through health insurance agent and web.

HCC Life STM is underwritten and administered by HCC Life Insurance Company, an Indiana-domiciled insurer. It has offices in Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Indianapolis and Minneapolis.