Harleysville Insurance has introduced its new StarAdvantage Businesswners Program, which is designed to meet the needs of smaller, property-driven risks in hundreds of business classes.

Harleysville said that its StarAdvantage Businessowners Program (BOP) is the first product to be introduced under the company’s new ‘StarAdvantage’ banner. Market segments targeted for this new offering include: habitational, mercantile, office, service/processing, and wholesalers.

The new program includes class-specific enhancements for funeral directors, printers, professional offices and veterinarians, as well as a full menu of options that can further tailor coverage to the specific needs of clients within the core business classes typically written by the company’s agents. Higher liability limits-up to $2 million per occurrence and with a $4 million aggregate-also are available with the new product.

Coverage for actual loss of income during a business interruption, equipment breakdown, spoilage caused by power outage, utility services-time element, and water backup and sump overflow are automatically included in the policy.

Other built-in coverages for small businesses are automatic additional insured status for managers or lessors of premises, and for lessors of leased equipment. Optional endorsements include ordinance or law, flood and earthquake, e-commerce, and professional liability, among others.