Change does not affect ownership structure or day-to-day operations

Halo Group, a consumer financial services company and a subsidiary of GVC Venture, said that it is proceeding with the initiatives that were authorized by the shareholders and made available in an information statement filed with the Securities Exchange Commission on November 20th.

The company has announced a name change of the parent company from GVC Venture to Halo Companies. This is a change in name only and does not affect the company’s ownership structure or day-to-day operations, the company said.

The company said that the name change is a part of a larger effort on the part of the parent company to create name recognition and identity for all company activities under the Halo name.

Jimmy Mauldin, chief strategy officer of Halo, said: “We are very excited about the momentum Halo is experiencing and know the value of a clear concise message when relaying this activity to the public. We look forward to continuing to enhance and evolve the avenues through which the company serves consumers under the Halo name.”