Global Atlantic Financial Group has launched Lifetime Builder Elite, a new flagship accumulation-oriented indexed universal life insurance (IUL) policy.

 Lifetime Builder Elite offers policyholders a compelling, industry-first loan option, as well as pricing enhancements and greater flexibility, improving upon one of the industry’s best-selling designs.

Global Atlantic's life insurance business president said: “We looked at the marketplace and asked what it would take to deliver an elite indexed universal life product. With its innovative feature set and top-tier pricing, Lifetime Builder Elite is our answer.”

A new Linked Loan option leads Lifetime Builder Elite’s feature enhancements. Loan interest linked to index performance gives clients the potential to earn more interest than is charged while limiting the net cost to a maximum of 2%.

Wilken said: “Linked Loans carry on our heritage as an IUL innovator. Customers no longer have to choose exclusively between the downside protection of a fixed loan and upside potential of variable loan for their borrowed funds. A Linked Loan provides elements of both.”

Other enhancements include a 1% guaranteed account value enhancement starting in policy year five, as well as the ability to transfer between interest crediting strategies on crediting dates rather than just upon termination of an index segment period.

Lifetime Builder Elite is issued by Accordia Life and Annuity Company, a subsidiary of Global Atlantic Financial Group. The product is available in most states through licensed independent life insurance agents.