Generali China Life Insurance (GCL) has launched a new online claim notification service on the Internet to enhance the quality of services for clients and provide efficient professional claim services.

According to Generali China, the new channel of claim service has three benefits which include: the insurance clauses that had been amended in accordance with new Insurance Law all specify notification of insured event. It now offers a new claim-notifying approach which is quick and efficient. The clients can notify GCL of insured event through GCL official public website (

The second benefit of the solution includes: online claim notification will now be available on its website where clients input password and validate their identity when they log onto it , which reinforces security of clients’ information. The clients can select a relative ready-made option according to specific insured event and can also review relative information of their policies on same interface and check and revise their notifications.

In addition, the third benefit of the solution includes: rapid follow-up service in which after clients’ claim notifications are uploaded, they will automatically be sent to operation system of GCL and system will immediately notify related personnel to conduct the claims.