The new plan, Framework Health Plan EI Series, is underwritten by Nationwide Life Insurance

Fringe Benefit Group has announced the availability of its new expense incurred (EI) limited medical benefit program, the Framework Health Plan EI Series.

Now, in addition to its fixed indemnity limited medical programs, Framework Health Plan offers employers a co-insurance based limited medical plan. It has the affordability of a limited medical benefit plan with various features of a medical insurance program, including a wide variety of co-pays, co-insurance and deductible options.

The Framework Health Plan EI Series is underwritten by Nationwide Life Insurance. Nationwide is currently underwriting Framework Health Plan’s EI Series in 20 states, with expectation of approval in more states by the end of 2009. The Framework Health Plan EI Series, which will be sold via Nationwide agents as well as independent insurance agents, is available for groups of 50 employees or more.

The plan includes in-patient coverage, out-patient benefits, physician office visits with co-pay, diagnostic and surgical benefits, wellness care benefits, prescription drugs, access to the First Health Network, and a Certificate of Creditable Coverage. Dental, vision and short-term disability benefits are also available.

Brian Robertson, executive vice president of Fringe Benefit Group, said: “Our new EI Series limited medical benefit plan is providing us with further reach in the limited medical space. Over the years, many employers have indicated that they wanted to do business with us, but said they needed a plan with a co-pay for their employees. With the addition of this program to our limited medical benefit portfolio, we are able to serve even more employers.”

Framework Health Plans are specifically designed for employers looking for a health plan that is affordable, flexible, and easily administered.