New alliance is expected to provide Fox with additional independent representatives

New York-based Fox Insurance Company (Fox), a Medicare Part D provider, has entered into a contract with Senior Financial Solutions (SFS), to provide sales support for their EGWP product (employer & union sponsored retiree benefits).

The new alliance is likely to provide Fox with additional independent representatives, who will market Fox’s products in all states where it is licensed to provide these services.

According to Fox, EGWP program provides advantages to the US business entities. The benefits include cost savings to employers on drug spend, while shifting all administrative, compliance and financial risk from the employer to Fox, with minimal disruption to the membership.

Anthony Arloro, Senior Vice President, Fox Insurance, said: “Our agreement with SFS continues to demonstrate execution on our business strategy, which relies on maintaining our internal operation focused on the clinical & customer service needs of our beneficiaries, and outsourcing non-product centric services when appropriate.”