FinSecure, a member company of W. R. Berkley Corporation, has introduced a secure, online application to help its customers to rapidly and efficiently manage their insurance requirements.

Dubbed FinNET LPF, the application is designed to help FinSecure Lender Placed and Foreclosed Policy (LPF) customers in reporting, placement and renewal of lender placed and foreclosed properties and their associated insurance coverage.

Freely accessed by all FinSecure LPF policyholders through the website, the application also provides flexible search capabilities for premium information review after the properties and desired insurance coverage has been uploaded by the customer either in a batch process or individually.

The application also allows for easy cancellations and coverage modifications online.

FinSecure president Mike Dandini said FinNET LPF represents the perfect complement to the company’s LPF policy.

”It allows our customers to save time and money with a more efficient process for managing their insurance coverage needs for lender placed and foreclosed properties,” Dandini added.

Capable of providing instant access to master policy information, FinNET LPF also possesses a convenient document storage feature that allows users to store documents associated with policies and properties.