FCCI Insurance Group (FCCI), a Florida-based provider of commercial property and casualty insurance, has selected Sword Insurance's AgencyPortal with the Toolkit and AgencyConnect products to launch a new transactional web system for agents.

According to the Sword Insurance, the AgencyPortal is a web-based platform that allows P&C carriers to execute key business transactions quickly and easily with their agents, brokers, MGAs and consumers, minimizing the cost of distributing new and existing products and letting companies grow direct written premiums.

With the addition of the Toolkit, FCCI’s new front-end web system will allow business analysts to intuitively create, update and manage products within AgencyPortal.

AgencyConnect will provide their agents a streamlined workflow solution for uploading data from their vendor systems to the FCCI web portal.

The deployment of the solution is slated to carry out in phased manner.

Sword Insurance product and market strategy vice president Mason Power said the new FCCI connect product will allow the company to expand into new markets with new products quickly and easily.