The software package is expected to provide users with updated reports and statistics to analyse operational performance

The Eskadenia software to be deployed for Egyptian Takaful, intends to automate the general and life insurance lifecycles, minimise operational cost, speed up work, maintain historical data and ensure a high level of security.

The Life Insurance system will cover group and individual Takaful insurance, whereas the General Insurance system will take care of underwriting for all classes of business.

The systems will help automate and accelerate the processes of creating quotations and issuing policies, as well as managing all reinsurance, endorsement, claim and renewal transactions with full adherence to Takaful and Sharee’ requirements.

Shadi Saadeh, Sales Manager for Enterprise and Insurance Products of Eskadenia Software, said: “This marks the first project for Eskadenia Software in the Egyptian insurance market. Our software systems have been enriched with the largest set of advanced insurance functions in the local and regional Insurance practice.”