Travel insurance provider ERV UK and airport ad company Eye Airports have jointly introduced a last-minute insurance product for mobiles, which will allow passengers to buy travel insurance up to boarding time.

ERV Go was first introduced at London Gatwick Airport in December 2014, and will be launched throughout the UK with promotions currently carried out at Gatwick, Belfast, Newcastle, East Midlands, Stansted, Bournemouth and Southampton airports.

The new product is being designed to reduce the cost of purchasing insurance by removing some of the cancellation period (up to 14 days) not necessary by those passengers looking to buy at the last minute.

ERV UK noted that the solution allows travellers to purchase just before departure without paying for cover that is not required, due to the reduced chance of the trip being cancelled.

ERV UK e-commerce manager Steve Dodd said: "From the initial concept it was clear that ERV Go demonstrated our innovation, not limited to just product but also through distribution and point of sale.

"Our aim is to protect our customers; therefore providing the ability to purchase a travel insurance product, via a mobile device, at the very last minute, strongly supports our ethos."

Firemelon has developed the new mobile quote engine to incorporate with their Magenta back office systems, according to ERV.