US life insurer Encompass, a subsidiary of Allstate, and Brasher Insurance have teamed up to offer affordable home and car insurance to the denizens of Utah, US.

Under the new partnership, Brasher will offer insurance coverage through ‘Encompass One Policy’ which offers individuals with home insurance as well as auto insurance within the same premium.

Brasher Insurance CEO Reed Brasher said, "Encompass is a great company to be affiliate with. They offer several benefits that we pass on to our clients."

The company further explained that the aforesaid policy will also offer individuals with unlimited loss coverage, implying that when there is a total loss on a home, coverage never runs out.

Brasher is an independent insurance group and is aligned with other major carriers in the nation to offer better coverage to Utahns.

The firm had recently partnered with The Hartford and Allied Insurance to provide premium life insurance and car insurance at affordable prices.