To deliver vehicle valuations that utilize comparable vehicles from consumer brands

Elephant Insurance has selected Mitchell International’s WorkCenter Total Loss valuation product. The product generates market-driven total loss vehicle values.

It produces vehicle valuations that utilize comparable vehicles from consumer brands. Therefore, eliminating the black box feel of other total loss valuation systems and results in first call settlement rates for carriers.

According to Mitchell International, the credibility of the J.D. Power and Associates brand, coupled with its own collision repair industry know-how and technology, eases the settlement process for all parties, reducing claims cycle time and increasing customer satisfaction. Therefore, the WorkCenter Total Loss product is a statistically driven, automated single solution that optimizes the total loss claims settlement process.

Andrew Rose, president and CEO of Elephant, said: As a startup, Elephant places a premium on partners who are able to give us a competitive advantage in the US collision repair marketplace in terms of costs, efficiency, claims accuracy, and customer service. Mitchell’s WorkCenter Total Loss delivers it all, in addition to ensuring regulatory compliance in those states where we operate.

Since total loss claims can be disruptive for customers, Elephant intends to settle them quickly and accurately. WorkCenter Total Loss helps our clients get back on the road faster because the solution was developed in partnership with J.D. Power and Associates, a brand which American consumers recognize and trust.”

Marc Brungger, executive vice president at Mitchell International, said:We are pleased to welcome Elephant Insurance to the US, and look forward to helping this exciting young company grow and succeed. The product allows Elephant’s adjusters to settle claims efficiently using an intuitive and powerful methodology.