Direct Line, a home insurance company, is planning to add Identity Fraud Assistance to its home insurance policy, at no extra charge to policy holders.

According to Direct Line, the service will be available to all new and existing customers who purchase a Direct Line combined buildings and contents insurance policy. Direct Line Home customers who have taken out a policy will now have access to the free Identity Fraud Assistance helpline.

Customers who find themselves a victim of identity fraud will be referred to the victim of fraud team and assigned a personal case handler. Their case handler will then works with them and assist them with the necessary steps to help them resolve their case.

Direct Line is working with Experian to provide customers with a solution to identity fraud. The customer is given access to their credit report online if they have a specific issue or feel they are a victim of fraud so they can spot any fraudulent activity. Following that, the victim of fraud team will investigate these activities and the customer’s credit report will be rectified. In all instances Experian’s credit expert offers 30 days free membership so customers can gain free access to their credit report.

Andrew Lowe, head of home insurance division at Direct Line, said: Identity fraud is a serious threat with the number of reported victims having increased significantly over the past eight years.

We are giving our customers peace of mind by putting a support service in place to help them deal with this growing threat. Being the victim of a crime can be distressing enough without the added worry of not knowing how to resolve the problem.