Employees with pre-existing medical conditions are not to get left out

Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has launched health insurance scheme, Enaya, for government employees and their dependents in the Emirate of Dubai. DHA has tied up with Neuron for Enaya, to be implemented from July 2009.

The Enaya scheme provides opportunity to have a medical check up, which includes screening for blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, depression, stress, and various forms of cancer such as skin, breast and cervical cancer, the company said.

For women, Enaya provides ovarian cysts, polycystic ovarian disease and menstrual disorders that are not related to infertility, including maternity covers.

Laila Al Jassmi, Director of Health Funding, DHA, said: We wanted to ensure that employees with pre-existing medical conditions do not get left out of the scheme and the benefit it provides. The scheme provides cover for newborn babies from day one, provided the baby is added in the scheme within the first 60 days of birth.