The dynamic of auto insurance is set to change in Texas as a result of deregulation, which came into force at the start of the new year. New insurance providers to the region, such as 21st Century Insurance Group, have been attracted to the state's reformed market, which will now see increased competition.

21st Century Insurance Group, which specializes in the direct-to-consumer marketing of personal automobile insurance, has begun selling auto insurance policies in Texas after deregulation of the Texas auto insurance market was instigated.

Texans now have more and better choices for their auto insurance, said Bruce Marlow, president and CEO of 21st. The deregulation makes it possible for us to offer our superior policy contract, 24/7 policy service and highly competitive pricing to this market.

Texas law SB 14 eliminated excessive regulations on the auto insurance marketplace. Under the former system, Texas drivers were lumped into a few overly broad categories, causing many drivers to pay too much for their insurance. Under the new reforms, a much wider range of prices and policy contract features is available to Texas consumers.